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The Bold and the Beautiful (HD, New, TV-14) Armed with knowledge she cannot share, Katie makes Bill a gracious offer; as Brooke and Ridge accuse each other of betrayal, their marriage threatens to break.
The Talk (HD, New, TV-14) Musicians Sting and Shaggy talk about the album "44/876" and perform; "Top Talker" Vanity Fair magazine executive west coast editor Krista Smith.
Let's Make a Deal (HD, New, TV-PG) Audience members wearing wacky costumes are selected to participate in games where they may have to choose between the item they are given or an unknown prize.
Jeopardy! (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A returning champion and two challengers test their buzzer skills and their knowledge in a wide range of academic and popular categories.

It Takes A Killer Murder for Millions (HD, TV-14) When a millionaire investor gambles with his younger fiancé, he discovers that she and her secret boyfriend have conned him for his finances.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Party's Over: Tyco's Kozlowski (HD, TV-PG) The show's reporter visits former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski behind bars for a one-on-one interview about the circumstances that led to his incarceration.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Miracle Car Club; Dana Giacchetto (HD, TV-PG) Two Los Angeles con men promise victims cars at low prices and ask for up-front fees; the "Stockbroker to the Stars" pleads guilty to investment fraud in 2000.
Corrupt Crimes Killers by Blood (HD, TV-14) Investigators discover clues of betrayal, kidnapping and murder allegedly committed by a father and son while examining a case involving an elderly man in Utah.

« Dr. G: Medical Examiner Haunted Crossing (HD, TV-PG) Real-life medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia performs autopsies in Florida's District 9, using the latest forensics technology to find causes of death.
Dr. G: Medical Examiner The Chain of Life and Death (HD, TV-PG) The body of a 94-year-old woman is examined upon her death; an exotic dancer is in her brother's apartment and suddenly dies without explanation.
Dr. G: Medical Examiner Who Is Watching the Children? (HD, TV-14) Dr. G performs autopsies on an infant and a toddler to discover whether their deaths were homicides or simply horrible, tragic accidents.
Dr. G: Medical Examiner Dark Waters (HD, TV-PG) A middle-aged man suffers a fatal heart attack after a family altercation, and his guilt-ridden relatives fear their fight with him may have triggered the heart

Night Court Opportunity Knock Knocks, Part 2 (TV-14) Dan begins to look forward to a life of luxury after he marries a rich woman; Harry considers his options outside of the courtroom.
Night Court The 1992 Boat Show (TV-14) Lisette wonders what her erotic dreams of Harry mean, while Roz becomes the interest of a gossip columnist, much to Dan's chagrin.
Night Court Welcome Back, Mama (TV-14) Harry lays down his judgment on the untrustworthy woman who runs a beauty contest; a woman arrives in the court who says she is Harry's mother.
The Drew Carey Show Howdy, Neighbor! (TV-14) When the Buzz Beer tank explodes, drenching the Clemens' yard, Drew and company cut Greg in on the business so he won't sue them for the accident.
The Drew Carey Show He Harassed Me, He Harassed Me Not (TV-14) Mr. Wick develops an elaborate escape plan after finding a memo in which Ms. Louder discusses plans to celebrate his firing.
The Drew Carey Show Mr. Louder's Birthday Party (TV-14) When no one else is available, Mrs. Louder asks Drew to make one of the toasts at a birthday party honoring her late husband.
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